Energy, Essential Oils & Emotions

Unwinding the Roots of Emotional Distress

Why do distressing emotions often stay with us long past the event that brought them on? When we don’t release emotions they get stored in the limbic system of the brain and in our physical organs; informing our thoughts and actions even when that is different from what our conscious mind desires. Smell is the only sense that can access the limbic brain, making essential oils an incredibly powerful tool to help free us from difficult emotions. Combining essential oils with energy tools like meridians, chakras, vortexes, etc., gives us incredible leverage to ease painful emotions, whether current or chronic. 

In this class:

  • Learn the mechanism of how stress gets stored in the brain and the body. 
  • Gain understanding of how and why essential oils are chemical powerhouses, perfectly designed by Nature to help us find balance.  
  • Learn how essential oils access the limbic brain and can help free us from difficult emotions; even those that have been present for a long time.
  • Learn and experience powerful techniques to release stuck emotions as well as physical issues that are brought on by stress. 

Oils will be provided for class use. Eden Energy Medicine Foundation level experience recommended.


Holliston, MA


December 19, 2015



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