The Authentic Creator Series

We are all Authentic Creators

What if everyone’s purpose was the same, to create more love in the world?    And what if the one of the most powerful ways to do that is to love your work?  If you want to feel purposeful and to love what you are doing,  you must begin to connect with that feeling in you and to let it express itself in whatever you are doing now.  Only then will you discover the thing that is the most in alignment with your higher purpose and your life. 

In these Workshops you will connect with the power of the 5-Element Model of Nature  to ignite a deep and connected expression of your work.  Using Ritual, Energetic Healing, and the Power of Community  you will unlock the courage to embrace the fullness of who you are  and infuse that into every aspect of your life. There is no separation between the development of self  and the development of your creative work. 

Whether you are a healer, artist, entrepeneur, lawyer, accountant, nurse, carpenter or dancer,  you can have different experiences and expressions of your work.  You can bring integrity, inspiration, excellence, and creativity,  or you can be disconnected, disinterested, money-driven, stagnant. 

The Authentic Creator Series wants to help you explore and gain mastery of the issues that impede you from embodying the complete, delightful expression of your work  and to feel successful in every respect.