Make Friends with Your Food

Energy Medicine Solutions for Digestive Issues 

20 years ago it was a rare occurrence to know anyone with digestive issues other than the distress brought on by occasional over-eating or ingesting a bad shellfish. Now, Irritable Bowel Syndrome is so common that we can just say “IBS” and everyone knows what you are referring to. Colitis, Crohns’ disease, acid reflux, bloating, food intolerances, chronic constipation; these are all occurring in ever-increasing numbers, and the medical world has little to offer besides symptom-controlling medication.

Energy medicine can help! Simple and powerful energetic techniques can help ease the body back into healthier and happier digestion. Knowing how to help our clients find health and peace in this area greatly improves quality of life physically, and brings more fun to the table!

In this class students will:

  • Learn broad-stroke understanding of the organs and functions of the digestive system: Understanding the function of the individual organs greatly increases our ability to effectively hone in on the imbalances we encounter.
  • Learn many simple and effective new tests and balances for working with the digestive system as a whole and the individual organs: Students learn a 2-minute routine to tonify all the organs of the digestive system, as well as energy-tools targeted to specific organs.
  • Explore the emotional and metaphorical meaning relating to these different organs: Understanding the subtler implications of the physical structures we work with greatly expands our ability to effect change. Grappling with a tough decision might be the sole reason one’s small intestine is not working well.
  • Learn simple do’s and don’ts to bring to the table: Do create a warm, inviting atmosphere, do share your meals with loved ones, do enjoy your food! Don’t talk about politics, money, or your divorce, don’t eat at the computer, don’t jump up as you chew the last bite of your food. These small adjustments can greatly improve your digestive health.







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