The Practical Mystic’s Guide to a Lucrative Career

Energy Medicine, Law of Attraction, and Alignment with Nature 

Being an effective energy healer and a generating a lucrative practice may seem to demand different skill-sets. Energy medicine techniques offer essential tools for attracting clients and students. Like balancing a physical structure, we can balance our attitudes about money to create our “dream” practice.

EM offers powerful alternatives to typical marketing devices, helping us magnetize our desires. Potent Energy Medicine tools can align our efforts with the seasons of Nature by utilizing the 5-element model.

This class is a deep personal exploration of our own strengths in manifesting, and a practical guide to starting or growing a business. Balanced energies coupled with traditional marketing tools increases results exponentially. There are enough clients and students to fill any practice.

Learn to:

  • Create an energy template for your business: Energy precedes material manifestation. Learn to design the perfect “Energy Template” for the career you want, including hours of operation, work space and scope of practice.
  • Business practices 101: Learn simple, tried-and-true methods for outreach and record-keeping from a successful businesswoman with only a high school diploma!
  • The law of attraction: What you “feel” is what you get! Learn practical tools to cultivate a positive, inviting attitude towards the things you desire. 
  • Nature and the 5-elements: Aligning your efforts with the power of Nature harnesses incredible resources. Deepen your understanding of the 5-elements and their seasons with ritual and guided meditation to further your goals.
  • Energy psychology: Subconscious beliefs define what we manifest. Poverty mentality, impostor complexes, seeing money as a “lower” vibration are beliefs that impede the flow of abundance. Energy Psychology to the rescue!
  • Energy medicine: We are all as unique as a thumbprint! Discover and balance the specific energies that are blocking your dream practice.



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