“When I first came to Marjorie I was suffering from crippling anxiety, complete with tremors and heart palpitations. My world felt like it was crashing in on me. I am not a suicidal person, but this was unbearable. Now, a year and a half later I rarely feel anxiety. I am the most grounded I have ever been. Tremors and heart palpitations are extremely rare, but if they do show up, I have learned from Marjorie how to lovingly allow instead of angrily resisting, and they naturally dissolve. Working with Marjorie has restored my sanity and self-worth.”

“Here are just some of the outward effects of treatment with Marjorie: I’ve been promoted at my job, now live on my own, have lost 15 pounds, and have the energy and desire to run and do other physical activities I found impossible before I started treatment.”

“I was highly skeptical that energy exercise routines could help me overcome years struggling with depression, fatigue and social anxiety. After a month of treatment with Marjorie, I was amazed to realize my depressive episodes had stopped. I went from a sheltered, fearful life, full of social anxiety, to an active and fulfilling social life, including the resumption of old friendships and a new boyfriend.”

“I can count on Margie to make me feel better when my busy schedule and faced paced life begin to take a toll on my body. Margie was my introduction to Eden Energy Medicine, and I made the choice to get certified in the technique because of the results I felt from her sessions. She is a real pro!”

“There’s nothing sterile or rigid about Margie’s approach to health; she creates a safe, warm environment sprinkled with humor where her clients always feel heard and are encouraged to help guide their own treatment. I’ve been working with her for five years, and I absolutely credit her with making me a healthier, calmer person!”